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Design, Share, Make Others Win 

As part of the "Design, Share, Make Others Win" project, which allows teachers to showcase their creativity and knowledge, teachers created new e-content to match the curriculum and level of their classes using content on . A total of 82 teachers from across the country applied for the contest, which was open to teachers working in state preschool, elementary and secondary education settings. 

The e-content was evaluated by ÖRAV educators and IBM officials. The teachers who are among the top five and receive prize money of 6,000 TRY on behalf of their school will use this prize money to purchase materials that will enrich science education in their schools. 

The competition aimed to improve teachers' e-content development skills and, through activities with a focus on students, promote awareness of cooperation and group work, which are 21st century skills. At the same time, it aimed to create new opportunities for entrepreneurial teachers and a platform for teachers to use technology effectively and be ready to produce new content. 

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