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How You Can Help

Bağış Kanallarımız


We want to develop new training programs to meet the needs of teachers, reach more teachers and through them create a quality educational environment for more children. You can support us as a regular or one-time donor. 


Donation Certificates

By celebrating special days with ÖRAV Donation Certificates, you can give a meaningful gift to your loved ones while supporting the development of our teachers to ensure that all children have access to a quality education. 


ÖRAV Store

Every gift you purchase for yourself or your loved ones from the ÖRAV Store supports the development of our teachers and contributes to the quality of our children's education. 


Our Charity Runs

We continue to run in the pursuit of good under the roof of Step by Step. Come and run with us.


Projects in Search of Sponsors

With your support, you can review our roof programs that we can offer to more teachers.

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