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About Us

ÖRAV Hakkında

Teachers Academy Foundation

The Teachers Academy Foundation was established by Garanti BBVA in 2008 to support the professional and personal development of teachers and to protect children's right to access quality education.

Teachers, who assume the greatest responsibility for the development of children, only second to their families, and thus have a major impact on the social and cultural transformation of societies, need to develop their skills constantly in order to be more successful in their professions.

Our primary mission is to support teachers, who are aware of this responsibility and open to lifelong learning and development, in the areas of development they need.

Accordingly, we curate spot-on educational programs and develop projects to support the professional and personal development of teachers and educational administrators by using our resources in the most effective way, striving to contribute to our teachers becoming better equipped educators through these efforts.

With our peer-to-peer learning model, and the experience we have gained from the work we have carried out for 15 years with more than 293.000 teachers from all cities across Turkey, we aim to take our country's in-service training model to the next level.

Our aim is to contribute to the upbringing of our children as individuals with the mental, social, emotional and digital skills required by the 21st century, under the guiding light of our army of teachers who are in command of the universal learning methods required by our age.

With our practical experience, our regular needs analysis surveys and feedback from our teachers, we constantly update our programs, identify new areas of work, and try to keep ourselves open to continuous development as a Foundation.


To contribute to making teaching a respectable profession in the eyes of society that requires special knowledge, skills and attitudes, and to contribute to their leadership in raising generations that will shape the future by creating and implementing projects to support the professional and personal development of teachers and those involved in decisions about education in the country, by using opportunities and resources in the most effective way possible.



To be the most effective and productive non-governmental organization in Turkey in the field of professional and personal development of teachers.

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