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We are very excited! This year, as the Teacher Academy Foundation, we are preparing to organize a photography competition and exhibition for the first time in cooperation with IFSAK (Istanbul Photography and Cinema Amateurs Association). The inspiration for this competition comes from the fact that we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of our Republic, which laid the foundation for modern education, and the 15th anniversary of ÖRAV. The theme of the photography competition, which is open to everyone, is naturally education.

We see the positive and negative reflections of education in every aspect of our social life, so when we say our theme is education, we should not limit ourselves to school buildings, teachers and students. Young people who are sensitive to the environment and nature, equal opportunities for disadvantaged individuals, social peace, the welfare of our country, the universal achievements of our scientists, our cultural and artistic richness, children who grow up with love for animals, individuals with strong social relations and communication, individuals who are concerned about the problems of others... It is a fact that education is at the heart of these and many other issues. For this reason, we invite everyone, especially our teachers, who are devoted to education and believe that education is indispensable, to participate in our contest to photograph the reflections of education in every moment of life.

Our head teacher Mustafa Kemal Atatürk entrusted our country to teachers and young people. As ÖRAV celebrates our 15th anniversary, we are walking in the footsteps of our head teacher and continue to work with determination and passion. We would like to thank you for standing by our side and giving us strength in every step of this journey.

gültekin alkurt.jpg

Gültekin Alkurt

Photographer - İFSAK


Arzu Atasoy

ÖRAV General Manager

emine bulut.jpeg

Emine Bulut

Photographer - İFSAK

nezihi gözen.jpg

Nezihi Gözen

Photographer - İFSAK

nur esra kardeş.jpeg

Nur Esra Kardeş

Photographer - İFSAK


Tuba Köseoğlu Okçu

ÖRAV Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors


Osman Bahri Turgut

President of Garanti BBVA Photography Club

(in alphabetical order by surname)

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