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Teachers' Academy Foundation would like to inform you about the use and protection of your personal data within the framework of the Personal Data Protection Act No. 6698 ("KVKK").
General scope of the law
Pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act No. 6698, we, the Teachers' Academy Foundation, are the "Data Controller". Therefore, all personal data communicated by our donors, supporters, educators, suppliers, employees and managers will be processed in our capacity as the data controller. Within the scope of the Act, matters such as obtaining, saving, storing, updating, classifying, sharing or transferring your personal data to third parties as permitted by the legislation are considered "data processing".

For what purposes do we process your personal data?
• to fulfill the requirements of the scope of activities of our Foundation,
• to record your identification, address, and other necessary information, and to be able to identify your data in the transactions you conduct,
• to send you communications about the activities to be carried out,
• to keep, report and communicate the information requested by public bodies, which we are obliged to do,
• to fulfill our administrative and legal obligations.

To whom do we disclose your personal data?
Your personal data will be shared with the institutions, relevant entities and relevant public bodies and organizations with which we cooperate in order to maintain the activities of our Foundation.

Where can we access your personal data?
We access your personal data from your applications, submitted resumes, our WEBSITE, our eCampus site, donor information, registration forms you fill out to attend our events, and our Foundation's measurement and evaluation surveys.

What rights do you have under the act?
You can request the following information about your personal data from our Foundation at any time;
a) You can find out if your data has been processed, for what purposes and if it is used according to the intended purposes,
b) In accordance with the act, you can find out about the third parties in Türkiye and abroad with whom your data is shared.
c) If you believe that your data has been processed incompletely or incorrectly, you may request rectification,
d) You may request the deletion or destruction of your data under the conditions specified in Article 7 of the act,
e) You may request that third parties to whom your data is disclosed be informed of your requests referred to in paragraphs (c) and (d) and request that they carry out the same procedures,
f) You may object to the evaluation of your data by automated systems being unfavorable to you, or if you feel that your data has been improperly stored or utilized and that you have incurred harm as a result, you may request compensation for the harm.
If your request for these purposes incurs additional costs, you may be required to pay the fees included in the tariff to be set by the Personal Data Protection Committee. Your applications will be processed as soon as possible, but no later than within 30 (thirty) days, depending on the nature of your request.

To exercise your rights under the act, you can submit your requests in writing to our Foundation, and for detailed information you can visit the website of the Personal   Data Protection Authority ..

We wish you a good day.


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