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As the Teachers Academy Foundation, we are running for ÖRAV in the 45th Istanbul Marathon on November 5th to support the development of more teachers by saying "In the Light of Teachers in the 100th Year!" and to ensure that children have access to quality education!

​Our goal is to stand by our children and teachers, especially in the earthquake region.

As we leave behind the first 100 years of our Republic, we believe that we can reach a brighter future with the path illuminated by our teachers. For this reason, with our "It Happens with Teachers!" project, we are starting our trainings to support the psychological resilience and well-being of our teachers, which are among their priorities.

Our teachers played a critical role in getting life back to routine after the earthquake. Now it is time for solidarity. With our Psychological Resilience of the School Community training, we aim to increase the psychological resilience and support the well-being of teachers in the earthquake region.

Stand in solidarity with our teachers by running for ÖRAV in the Istanbul Marathon on November 5th!