Learning Leader Teacher

The project aims to improve the skills of the state primary and secondary school teachers, in communication, classroom management and measurement & evaluation.

Learning Leader Teacher for High Schools

The project aims to improve the skills of the high-school teachers, in communication, classroom management and measurement & evaluation. The content “Learning Leader Teacher” has been revised according to the special needs of the teachers working in high schools, focusing on the needs and problems of adolescence and communication.

Principals Enhancement Program

The goal of the project is to create collective learning culture in schools by enhancing the capacity of schools’ leaders and principals.

Solution Focused Communication

The program focuses on the power of positive-thinking and communication skills of the teachers and its impact on the development of positive behaviors among students.

Chemistry of Teachers - in collaboration with Dow Turkey

The aim of the project is to increase the quality and popularity of the chemistry education in high schools by developing a special training program that encourages new, creative and innovative ways of chemistry teaching.

Education without Labels - in collaboration with Hayat Sende Youth Academy Association

The project aims at creating awareness on prevention of labeling of young people who were raised under government care, by teachers, parents and students.

Creative Child Creative Brain - in collaboration with Faber Castell Turkey

The purpose of the project is to create awareness on the creativity, the creative thinking and its principles, personal creativity potential and how learning methods can influence the creative minds. A training program have been developed for primary school teachers,kindergarten teachers and art teachers.

European Values At School - in collaboration with İstanbul Bilgi University European Institute and Jean Monnet Excellence Center

The project aims at generating content and pedagogical tools and training seminars for enhancing European Values such as democracy, fundamental liberties and equal opportunities among primary, secondary and vocational school teachers and students in İstanbul.