About Us


Founded by Garanti Bank in August 2008, Öğretmen Akademisi Vakfı (ÖRAV - Teachers Academy Foundation) is the first and only NGO in Turkey focusing on the personal and professional development of teachers.

Since its establishment, the foundation has reached more than 180.000 teachers and principals across Turkey. The foundation continuously adds new training programs to its training pool. Attendance to the training programs is free of charge.


ÖRAV’s vision is to be the most effective and productive non-governmental organization in Turkey focusing on the professional and personal development of teachers.


ÖRAV’s mission is to use existing opportunities and resources in the most efficient way to deliver projects that will support the professional and personal development of teachers and educators. ÖRAV aims to assist them in becoming the leaders in raising the next generations who will guide the future, as well as to help teachers receive the value and respect they deserve in the society by showing that the job of teaching requires special knowledge, talent and attitude.


The primary objective of Teachers Academy Foundation is to serve in every way for the development of teachers in Turkey, enhancing their capacity to raise the next generation, and helping them reach level of recognition and esteem they deserve in the society.

The primary objective of the Foundation is to respond to the needs of teachers who have the primary responsibility and utmost important duty of raising new generations to achieve high academic and ethical standards. These generations of young people need to be raised to be aware of their individual and social responsibilities; be probing, inquisitive and capable of analytical thought and self-confident. The foundation seeks for national and international partnerships to reach its goals.


The free online educational portal of ÖRAV has been launched with the aim of providing teachers a long-term education opportunity and a platform for sharing and discussing their experiences with their colleagues and peers.


In order to measure and evaluate the efficiency and the sustainability of the programs, ÖRAV conducts both qualitative field researches and education evaluation surveys to be filled by the participants and by their students.


  • Faruk Nafiz Karadere - President
  • Oğuz Tolga Egemen - Vice President
  • Didem Dinçer Başer - Member
  • Osman Nuri Tüzün - Member
  • Betül Ebru Edin - Member