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Design of Enriched Lessons Compatible With The New Learning Ecosystem

Program Objectives

The harmonious and consistent cooperation of all stakeholders in a learning ecosystem plays an important role in achieving the desired common goals. The school-based implementation of the Design of Enriched Lessons Compatible With The New Learning Ecosystem (YÖZET) training aims to contribute to the collaboration of teachers with common motivation who use the same language and method while achieving common goals. 

This training, designed with synchronous and asynchronous content, aims to enable teachers to grasp the changing understanding of learning and to guide them to discover the knowledge and skills that can keep up with this change. 

This training, which makes frequent use of brain-based learning theory, is prepared for teachers who appeal to the individual characteristics of students, offer opportunities for their own learning, introduce methods that include online learning, and want to know what they are doing and why. 

With rich teaching methods, activities that ensure understanding and an action plan on change, it is aimed that teachers design the change as well as start the journey of changing themselves. 

Teachers who will participate in the school-based implementation of YÖZET training are expected to lead change in their own schools with a common purpose and language unity with an effective and renewed perspective by considering differentiated learning dynamics. 

Who Can Apply? 

Administrators of public schools can apply on behalf of their organisations. Ensuring the participation of 80 per cent of the total number of administrators and teachers working in the school will support the reflection of the changes envisaged by the training on the school climate. 

Program Topics 

  • The learning ecosystem and its components

  • Differences in the new learning ecosystem, student and teacher roles, and the source of knowledge

  • The necessity of change

  • Factors affecting learning

  • The importance of socio-emotional skills in learning

  • The impact of brain-based learning approaches on the learning process

  • Sources of motivation and strategies for increasing motivation

  • Cognitive teaching methods

  • The concept of cognitive load and techniques for reducing cognitive load

  • Methods for identifying and addressing individual differences in our impact area

  • Methods for enriching the teaching process

  • The concept of blended learning and the types of blended learning methods

  • Including digital tools in the teaching process

  • Effective questioning skills

  • Designing a program suitable for the new learning ecosystem

  • Enriched lesson planning suitable for the new learning ecosystem

  • An action plan for adapting to the new learning ecosystem 

Duration and Schedule


Synchronous: Concurrent sessions that require participation online at a specified time.

Asynchronous: Sessions that can be completed at any time based on individual preference during the program.

Certificate of Attendance 

Participants who complete the asynchronous content of the programme on time and attend all synchronous sessions will be able to receive the ÖRAV Certificate of Attendance from the eKampüs platform. 

Learning Platform 

The training will be held on the Teachers Academy Foundation's e-learning platform eKampüs at 

You can send an e-mail to for your questions and support needs. 

This training programme has been designed and made available to you with ÖRAV's own resources.

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