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Creative Child Creative Brain

Program Objectives


The first step for teachers to support the development of their students' creativity is to become aware of their own creativity potential and improve their skills and knowledge in this field. Teachers can support the development of their students' creativity skills by using creative and innovative methods in their classrooms and by being role models with their competencies and equipment. 

With this perspective, the program aims to enable teachers to discover their creativity potential and develop their students' creativity potential. Colleagues who successfully complete the program will be able to view the MEB Seminar Certificate digitally through their personal MEBBIS pages.


Who Can Apply?

Preschool teachers, classroom teachers, and visual arts teachers working in state and private schools affiliated with the Ministry of National Education can apply for the program.


Program Topics

  • Basic Concepts Related to Creativity and Creative Thinking

  • Our Personal Creativity Potential

  • The Effect of Learning Styles on Creativity

  • Techniques that can be Used for Creativity Development

  • Creative Lesson Design

Duration and Schedule:

Our education is a three-day training program that continues with asynchronous and synchronous studies.


Synchronous: Synchronous sessions that require online participation at a specified time.

Asynchronous: Non-synchronous sessions that can be completed at any time depending on the person within the program process.

This program requires active participation with hands on practices. Therefore, it is important to have the materials that can be used during the synchronous sessions with you to provide active participation.



Our colleagues working in private and state schools can apply according to the explanations below.


For Colleagues Working in Private Schools:

Colleagues who work in private schools and whose field is classroom, preschool, and visual arts can apply. The application quota for each training is 200.


For Colleagues Working in State Schools:

Applications for the training program are received through the Ministry of National Education Information Systems (MEBBIS):

You need to log in with your personal MEBBIS password and give personal data permission from the "In-Service Training" section. Only those who give this permission can participate in the training. 

This program can be offered on MEBBİS simultaneously in multiple groups with different activity numbers. When you enter the page to apply, if the specified quota and application numbers are already full, applying to different groups with different activity numbers planned for the same date will facilitate your participation in the education.


Learning Platform

The education will be conducted through the Teachers Academy Foundation's e-learning platform eKampüs at


You can send an email to for your questions and support needs.

This program started in 2015 with the collaboration of Adel Kalemcilik - Faber Castell and is still supported by Adel Kalemcilik - Faber Castell.

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