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STEM Pioneers 

With this project, teachers of Science, Mathematics, Information Technologies, Technology Design, and English will be taught various applications to develop high thinking skills with an interdisciplinary approach. Teachers trained according to the educational needs of the time with examples of studies and practices in accordance with current literature will touch the lives of 1,000 students.

In 5 different provinces of Turkey 

Within the framework of the project for teachers of Science, Mathematics, Information Technologies, Technology Design and English, trainer's training will first be provided for teachers working in secondary schools in Van, Sivas, Hatay, Uşak and Zonguldak provinces. A total of 25 teachers from 5 provinces will participate in the trainer's training in groups of 5 teachers from one school in each province, which will be composed of teachers from the relevant disciplines. 

​Teachers who complete the trainer's training and implement what they have learned in their classrooms, while being mentored by ÖRAV, will then receive adult educator training from ÖRAV and will disseminate the program by training other teachers in their provinces. At the end of the project, 250 teachers will have received four days of STEM training and 25 teachers will have gained the knowledge and skills to train other teachers in this area, with two group training courses taking place in five provinces. 

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