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Sustainable World Citizen

Program Objectives 

It is an educational program developed for those who want to progress towards becoming a "Sustainable World Citizen" who feels responsible for all humanity, cares about the problems of the Earth, cares about the rights to life of all living things, and produces the most functional, economical and sustainable solutions to environmental problems under current conditions. The program aims for students and parents to gain the belief that they can make a difference for a sustainable future through their teachers, and to move from "individual" consciousness to "WE" consciousness by approaching people and objects with respect and empathy. 

During the training program, the following topics will be covered: 

  • Man as a Part of Nature

  • Our Place and Responsibilities in Nature

  • Our Consumption Habits and Their Impact on the World

  • Design Thinking as a Solution Method 

At the same time, participants will be included in the social learning group and will be part of the professional learning community. 

Who Can Participate in the Program?

Classroom teachers working at the primary school level of public schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education can apply to the program. Since the program will be school-based, at least 85% of the total number of teachers in a school are expected to participate. 


* Face-to-face: Training consisting of a total of 4 sessions where attendance is required at the specified time.

* Asynchronous: Asynchronous sessions that can be completed at any time depending on the person within the program process.

* In-class application: Activities to be carried out with students during the program. 

After one full day of face-to-face training, participants are expected to carry out practices in the classroom and/or school by involving their students and parents in the process for 5 days and to carry out problem solving activities with plastic waste collection and design thinking method in the program. 

Certificate of Participation

Participants who attend the one full day face-to-face training of the program and complete the asynchronous content on time and carry out the activities with their students will be able to access the MoNE Seminar Document digitally from their personal MEBBİS pages. The related procedures will be carried out by school administrators. 

Education Platform

1 (one) full-day face-to-face training will be school-based. Access to asynchronous content will be provided through the Teacher Academy Foundation distance education platform ekampüs,


For questions and support needs, you can send an e-mail to

This training program started in 2023 in cooperation with Dow and is supported by Dow.

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