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We were together with Academician and Mother Assoc. Prof. Saniye Bencik Kangal at ÖRAV Talks!

In the ÖRAV Talks of this month, we hosted Assoc. Prof. Saniye Bencik Kangal, Lecturer in Child Development at Hacettepe University, and the author of books Korkma! İyi Bir Annesin (Don't Be Afraid, You're a Good Mother), Evlat (Sons and Daughters), Oyunperest (Playmaker), Çocuğumun Beyninde Neler Oluyor? (What's Happening in My Child's Brain?), Sana Kek Yaptım (I Baked a Cake for You), Dünya Kadar Çocuk (World Wide Child), Kakaloji, Kakademi and Kakazoo, and an influencer known as the Academic Mother with over a million and a half followers.

We had a candid conversation with the Academic Mother about her history as an influencer, supporting early childhood social-emotional development, and collaboration and communication between teachers and parents.

Assoc. Prof. Saniye Bencik Kangal explains her views on the social-emotional development of children with the following words: "There are a number of important stages in social-emotional development, especially when it comes to emotions. Like recognizing, understanding, accepting, properly expressing and developing the skills to experience emotions. For example, a child who pushes a friend when angry may not have learned to express their feelings properly. We need to work specifically with this child on emotion regulation skills."

You are welcome to our YouTube channel for all of Kangal's views.



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