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ÖRAV Talks March 2021: Prof. Dr. Kenan Çayır

The guest of "ÖRAV Talks", which the Teacher Academy Foundation has been organizing for many years to support the professional and personal development of teachers with figures from different sectors who do their job passionately, produce and love to share, will be Prof. Dr. Kenan Çayır, a faculty member at Istanbul Bilgi University Department of Sociology and the director of the Sociology and Education Studies Application and Research Center.

Prof. Dr. Kenan Çayır, who deals with inclusion, discrimination, citizenship and human rights education in his studies, will be a guest on ÖRAV's YouTube channel on Thursday, March 25 at 17:00. The event, which will focus on inclusion and discrimination in education, will also discuss the inclusivity in distance education which has been applied for the past year due to the pandemic.

Participation in the event, which will be broadcast live on the ÖRAV YouTube channel, is free and open to everyone.

Date: 25.03.2021, Thursday

Time: 17:00- 18:30



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