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ÖRAV Talks December 2020: Akan Abdula

Akan Abdula talks to teachers and parents about "kids in the world of algorithms".

"ÖRAV Talks", organized by the Teachers Academy Foundation for many years to support the professional and personal development of teachers with figures from different sectors who are passionate about their work, who produce and love to share, host Akan Abdula, Co-founder of FutureBright Group, on Wednesday, December 23, from 17:00 - 18:30.

Brand consultant and digital strategist Akan Abdula, who points out that in the changing world algorithms create an artificial reality for consumers and that this situation traps people in "Echo Chambers" and completely disconnects them from reality, will focus on children's relationship with social media and digital literacy in the ÖRAV Talks. In his speech, Abdula will outline his suggestions for children, whose space begins to shrink as they spend more time on social media, to grow into individuals who do not have a one-sided view of life, who can ask and question the right questions.

The event, organized through Microsoft Teams, is free to attend and open to everyone.



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