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ÖRAV Semester Workshops Begin

The Teachers Academy Foundation (ÖRAV) is offering a program of 28 different online workshops as part of its "Semester Workshops" from January 26-29. You can register for the free workshops on the ÖRAV website.

ÖRAV, Turkey's first and most effective non-governmental organization dedicated to the professional and personal development of educators, continues to support the personal and professional development of teachers with the workshops it will organize during the semester break of the 2020-2021 academic year. By organizing workshops on 28 different topics, the Foundation aims to contribute to the development of teachers during the semester break and help them have an enjoyable and productive vacation season. The workshops, which will be scheduled online, will be conducted with the volunteer support of academics and educational professionals as well as educators from Tohum Autism Foundation, Nirengi Association, Karakutu Association, Hasat Association, Yuva Association, Experiential Training Center, Sports and Body Movement for Social Empowerment (BuMoVu), System Thinking Association and Young Success Education Foundation.

The content of the workshops offers participants a very rich program

The ÖRAV Semester Workshops will feature workshops in a variety of disciplines, including art, science, educational technology, special education, children's rights, and philosophy, as well as workshops that cover the topics teachers need to address during the pandemic in distance education.

The workshops teachers can attend this year are: Learning Design Enriched with Digital Tools, Mind Maps, Bringing the Principles of Orff-Schulwerk Approach to the Online Environment, Mindfulness for Teachers, Making a Difference Despite and Through the Screen: Online Children's Workshops and Museum Kits, Content Development Using Web 2.0 Tools in Special Education, Literature-oriented content and project structuring in Child Rights education, The Essentials of Distance Education, Online Memory Walk, Philosophy for Children Seminar, eTwinning Workshop, Systems Thinking in Education Introduction Workshop, Astronomy Guide for Science Teachers, Design-Based Reading Method "Jeux Dramatiques", Before It's Too Late - Socio-ecology Model Against Abuse, Design-Oriented Thinking, Children's Yoga, The Secret of the Tortoise Trainer, Emotional Resilience in the Classroom, Experiential Learning & Kolb Learning Styles, Being Always on the Road When You Can't Go Anywhere, Peaceful Classrooms with Lewis Deep Democracy, Improvisation Games - Dance and Movement Workshop, Teacher's Digital Bag with Vivid Lesson Fascicles, For the Climate, Now!, My World is Play, Anti-Racist Pedagogy and Design Geometry Workshop.

Participation in the workshops, which will be organized over four days on 28 different topics, is free of charge. For details on information and registration, visit

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