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Supporting Adolescence with Resilience Skills Program (Asynchronous) 

Program Objectives

In this program, we aim to study the concepts of resilience that are important topics among disciplines such as psychiatry, psychology, psychological counseling, guidance, and child development, which try to understand and explain how children, adolescents, and adults overcome stress, trauma, and risks, despite the challenging living conditions during adolescence, which is a sensitive period representing the transition to physical, psychological, and social maturity in human development. Our goal in this program is to increase the knowledge and skills of our valuable teachers and administrators working in all levels and types of schools on the following topics:


  • The developmental characteristics of adolescence and this period

  • The reflections of adolescent behaviors on school, classroom, and relationships

  • How to support adolescents in their developmental journeys

  • What resilience is and what skill sets it includes

  • How to support students' resilience skills in schools

Throughout the program, the following topics will be covered:

  • Limitation of adolescence

  • Developmental stages in adolescence

  • Physical development characteristics in adolescence

  • Moral and cognitive development in adolescence

  • Psychosocial development in adolescence

  • Adolescent brai

  • Communication with adolescents

  • The conceptual framework of resilience

  • Characteristics of resilient individuals

  • Protective and risk factors in resilience

  • Resilience in school


Participants who will be included in the social learning group to be created will also be a part of the professional learning community. 

Who Can Participate in the Program?

Teachers and administrators from all branches and all grade levels working in state schools affiliated with the Ministry of National Education can apply for the program.


Duration and Duration and Schedule

The recommended completion time for the program is 6 days. After your application is approved, the program will be accessible for ten days.


Certificate of Participation

Participants who complete the program's content within one month from the date of registration can access the MEB Seminar Certificate digitally from their personal MEBBIS pages. 

*Asynchronous: Non-synchronous sessions that can be completed at any time depending on the person during the program process.


Learning Platform

Education will be conducted on the Teachers Academy Foundation's e-learning platform eKampüs at



Applications are received through the Ministry of National Education Information Systems (MEBBIS):


This program can ve offered simultaneously in multiple groups and with different activity numbers on MEBBIS. Looking at the specified quota and application numbers on the page where you enter to apply, if the number is full, applying to different groups with different activity numbers planned for the same date will facilitate your participation in the education. 

For questions and support needs, you can send an email to

This program was designed and made available to you with ÖRAV's own resources. 

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