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Critical Thinking

Program Objectives 

This training, which is designed with a mixed model based on subject, skill and content, aims to introduce participants to critical thinking and to perform critical thinking exercises by acquiring the basic concepts of critical thinking. In addition, it is aimed that the participants will encounter many examples that they can bring to their classrooms for a critical thinking classroom and learn by experience. 

During the training program, the following topics will be covered: 

Definition of critical thinking, its importance, the role of the teacher

Critical thinking and questions;

  • Verbal questions asked in class and their characteristics

  • Frequency of use of questions in the classroom

  • Purpose of using the questions in classrooms

  • The relationship between critical thinking and questions

Thinking and critical thinking;

  • Definition of thinking

  • Elements of thinking

  • Intellectual standards to develop critical thinking

  • Critical thinking skills

  • Evaluation skill and its sub-dimensions

Critical thinking skills

  • Analyzing skill and its sub-dimensions

  • Inference making skill and its sub-dimensions

  • Explanation skill and its sub-dimensions

  • Interpretation skill and its sub-dimensions

Barriers to critical thinking

Critical thinking and classroom practices;

  • Classroom practices that support critical thinking skills

Critical thinking and in-school practices;

  • In-school practices that support critical thinking skills

Duration of the Program

Who Can Participate in the Program?

Teachers and administrators from all branches and all grade levels working in public schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education can apply to the program. Since the program will be school-based, at least 85% of the total number of teachers in a school are expected to participate.


Certificate of Participation

Participants who attended the program for 2 (two) full days will be able to view their local in-service training documents on their personal MEBBIS pages. The related procedures will be carried out by school administrators. 

For questions and support needs, you can send an e-mail to

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