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Critical Thinking Skills

Program Objectives 

Critical Thinking Skills Programme aims to enable participants to realise and deepen their critical thinking skills, tendencies and obstacles to critical thinking by thinking about critical thinking, which is defined as thinking about what we think. 

Considered among 21st century skills, how critical thinking can be used in daily life, how it can be made a classroom routine and how students' critical thinking skills can be supported are presented with practical examples. 

Participating colleagues are expected to do the work they need to do in asynchronous content and to participate actively and effectively in synchronous sessions in order to achieve the targeted acquisitions of our training. 

Critical thinking skills being an established culture of a classroom and a school requires qualified practice and active participation of all relevant stakeholders. We know the importance of all stakeholders in a school for the formation of a critical thinking culture. Therefore, our training is school-based.  The participation of the majority (80%) of teachers working in the same school is required. 

Who Can Apply? 


Managers of public schools can apply on behalf of their organisation. The participation of the majority (80%) of teachers working in the same school is required. 

Program Topics 

  • Why Critical Thinking?

  • Critical Thinking

  • Tendencies and Obstacles to Critical Thinking

  • Tools of Critical Thinking

  • Critical Thinking Skills

  • Methods, Techniques, and Thinking Routines that Support Critical Thinking 

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Synchronous: Real-time sessions that require participation online at a specified time.

Asynchronous: Sessions that can be completed at any time during the program, depending on the participant's availability. 

Certificate of Attendance 

Participants who complete the asynchronous content of the programme on time and attend all synchronous sessions will be able to receive the ÖRAV Certificate of Attendance from the eKampüs platform. 

Learning Platform 

The training will be held on the Teachers Academy Foundation's e-learning platform eKampüs at 

You can send an e-mail to for your questions and support needs. 

This training programme has been designed and made available to you with ÖRAV's own resources. 

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