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Critical Thinking Skills (Asynchronous)

Program Objectives 

This training program aims to focus on critical thinking and critical thinking skills, which are among the top skills on the current and predicted list of critical skills in the classroom, and how they can be transferred to classroom applications. 

The following topics will be covered throughout the program:

  • What is critical thinking? Why is it important?

  • What are the obstacles to critical thinking?

  • What are the critical thinking skills?

  • Critical thinking skills

    • Interpretation

    • Analysis

    • Evaluation

    • Inference

    • Explanation

    • Self-regulation

  • Methods and Techniques

    • Six Thinking Hats

    • Debate

    • Reflective Writing

    • Creating Venn Diagrams

    • Claim and Reason

    • Questioning

  • Thinking Routines

    • Explanation Game

    • Claim-Support-Question

    • What's making you say that?

    • Generate-Connect-Elaborate

    • Connect-Extend-Challenge

    • Red Light-Yellow Light

  • Web 2.0 Recommendations

In addition, the participants who will be included in the social learning group to be created will be a part of the professional learning community.

Who Can Participate in the Program? 


Teachers and administrators from all subjects and all grade levels working in state schools affiliated with the Ministry of National Education can apply for the program.


Duration and Schedule

The recommended completion time for the program is 6 days. Throughout their participation in the program, all participants will receive remote-written mentoring from ÖRAV trainers and will accompany them to complete the program.


Participation Certificate

Participants who complete the program's asynchronous content in a timely manner will be able to access the MEB Seminar Certificate digitally from their personal MEBBIS pages.

Asynchronous: Non-synchronous sessions that can be completed at any time depending on the individual during the program process.


Learning Platform

The education will be carried out on the Teachers Academy Foundation e-learning platform eKampüs at



Applications are received through the Ministry of National Education Information Systems (MEBBIS):


This training program can be included in MEBBIS in multiple groups simultaneously and with different activity numbers. When you enter the page to apply, first check the specified quota and application numbers. If this number is full, applying to different activity numbered groups Duration and Duration and Scheduled for the same date will facilitate your participation in the education. 

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