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Interactive Course Design for Online Education

Program Objectives 

The Interactive Course Design for Online Education Training Program consists of synchronous and asynchronous modules. The aim is for participants to use the methods, tools, and techniques that they can refer to while designing their own lessons by experiencing an interactive and active learning environment.

During the training program, the following topics will be covered: 

  • Lesson design for online education

  • Curriculum design

  • Technology and computer literacy required for online learning

  • Synchronous and asynchronous learning experience

  • Approaches, methods, and techniques that allow interaction

  • Consideration of transactional distance, motivation, readiness, individual differences, communication, and classroom management in online learning

  • Integration of web tools

  • Formative evaluation and feedback. 

In addition, participants who will be included in the social learning group to be created will be a part of the professional learning community.


Who Can Participate in the Program?

Classroom and subject teachers working in the primary and secondary education levels of state schools affiliated with the Ministry of National Education can apply to the program.


Duration and Schedule

The training will last for a total of six days. 

Synchronous: Concurrent sessions that require online participation at a specified time.

Asynchronous: Non-simultaneous sessions that can be completed at a time convenient for the individual during the program.


Certificate of Participation

Participants who complete the asynchronous content of the program on time and attend all synchronous sessions will be able to access the Ministry of National Education Seminar Certificate digitally from their personal MEBBIS pages.


Learning Platform

The training will be carried out on the Teachers Academy Foundation's e-learning platform eKampüs at



The training program applications are made through the Ministry of National Education Information Systems (MEBBIS):


This training program can be offered in MEBBIS in multiple groups simultaneously with different activity numbers. Checking the specified quotas and application numbers on the page you enter to make an application, if this number is full, applying to groups with different activity numbers Duration and Duration and Scheduled for the same date will facilitate your participation in the training.


For questions and support needs, you can send an e-mail to

This training program was designed with ORAV's own resources and made available to you.

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